​​Alice Gullick


“The rhythm of the instrumental is peaceful and tranquil. It doesn't take long to get into song, and then discovering the artists voice just hit climax. Her voice is admirable to listen too, she is singing in tune throughout the whole of the song. The guitar contrasts well with the melody of the song and her voice. Her lyrics are true to many of us, and feel that this song will be popular due to the meaning of the lyrics. It is a sad song, I could imagine this playing at a funeral, which isn't a bad thing. Beautiful songs like these should be expressed more. The target audience will be high for this as the artist demonstrates her talent throughout the duration of the song.”

“The melodious intro with the acoustic guitar is the best way to introduce this song, and that 's a given, especially when we get to experience how impressive and heartfelt the vocal performance of the singer is. Her voice is like a lake you want to sink in deep, and through her gentle yet engaging and warm vocal tone a new world opens up. The meaningful and also deep lyrics turn this experience into a simple but unforgettable experience, and that 's where natural talent shows off. It 's not just the vocal tone of the singer, but the plainly creative approach that gives this performance a solid shape all the time. If there's to be an example about how to create a seemingly unvaried but still impressive and mesmerising song, this can be the one. The single acoustic guitar accompaniment gives the perfect amount of contrast and balance, along with the must have instrumental background section, and there's literally nothing that should be added to the song above that. It 's an experience that makes you listen with your eyes closed, and that special connection gives more than a varied and rich accompaniment.”

“The guitar starting the song off is a nice and gentle approach before the singer starts. The singer sounds beautiful and unique. The subject matter of course is about the person she was with is now gone and she got rid of that individual. The guitar is well dynamic.”

“This song has a subtle guitar melody. It creates an almost a capella feel that showcases the vocals. The singer has high pitched voice with a sassy and appealing lilt. She reminds me a lot of Joss Stone. The lyrics are sad and talk about heartbreak..."saying goodbye to the world I thought I lived in." This song would definitely appeal to contemporary pop and alternative fans.”

“Great vocals and lyrics that fit well with the acoustic sound of the track. The vocals have a country sound to them, again fitting well with the acoustic guitar sound. A very relaxing sounding song, something I could listen to on numerous occasions. Sounds like a possible soundtrack for something. Definitely one of the slow/ballad songs that could make it into the charts as a hit.”

“This song has kind of an old fashioned folk feel .. the singer has an intimate quality and sounds expressive .. the songwriting is pretty good .. I don't think it could be a number one hit but it could probably make the top 4 0 cuz it 's such a cuddly luv song .. I don't think it could be a smash hit cuz it sounds more like an acoustic novelty .. I like the fact that there's no studio tricks .. the performance is definitely better than all the garbage on 2dayz pop charts.”

“the intro is sort of odd. the guitar trails off and there is silence for a second. but bam, when the vocals come in i was in shock. this girl can sing! 

The vocals are amazing. the guitar sounds like the vocalist is the guitarist as well, which is awesome. the guitars dynamics are incredible with the volume and pick attack fluctuation. the lyrics and melody both are incredible. this sounds extremely professional as a song in general. i would definitely love to see this artist become successful. its a shame the recording is poor. it is a tad harsh through my high end studio monitors.. excellent job though. big fan already 9/10.”

“Nice acoustic intro riff. Reminds me of "Stairwell to Heaven". Oh wow, was not expecting these vocals. So unique! It 'scountry but also so soulful. This is actually great. This artist needs more exposure. So different.”“The vocals are very refreshing and the acoustic guitar sounds wonderful. This song is like a cool drink of water on a hot Alabama summer day. Or like walking through a field of fresh green grass just enjoying life. Very well sung and very well played.”