Iam Alice Gullick, I am a singer/songwriter and I am from Plymouth! 

I started making music because listening to  music was the only thing I loved, even more than chocolate, which was a shock….. So I felt I would start writing my own songs. My first great inspirations were probably Adele and Katy Perry. They were my first inspirations, but that SOON changed! My inspirations now however, are Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, James Bay, Passenger and The Staves.

I decided to perform as a solo artist because as a songwriter I want to express my feelings, thoughts and emotions through my own songs using my own lyrics. I also want to have complete control of my music and be independant and individual. However, I would love to start my own band, to bring something new to my repertoire  

I would describe my style as Americana, with haunting vocals, apparently I have a ‘raw and unique voice’. I also have a unique style of playing the guitar

People often ask me who I sound like, but I never really have an answer because I don’t think I sound like anyone, I am Alice Gullick and I am the only Alice Gullick!! I have my own unique style. 

Music, to me, is the only thing that gets me up in the morning, I would be a completely different person without music. It makes me so happy. Everyday, I am doing something that revolves around music. I go to college, where I study music technology, when I return home, I play my guitar, then in the evening, I normally have a gig. Frankly, music is all around me!

In the near future, I am hoping to finish my debut album and get it recorded. But ultimately, I am planning to go on tour within the next two years. However, I am only 17, I have my whole life ahead of me, so I’m in no rush to do anything drastic!

The main reason I do what I do, is because I want to inspire people. I want to change people’s lives by writing inspirational lyrics.  If you like my music, please feel free to get in touch through facebook, twitter, reverbNation, or by emailing, all of my details are on my website, www.alicegullick.com . If you have any feedback, please get in touch. I have also just released a single  which I recorded in Los Angeles in August 2014. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, Sony Music and many more. The single is called ‘The colours of my edelweiss’.

Greatest achievements so far......

I competed in the World Championships of Performing arts in Hollywood as a junior competitor in July 2013 when I was 16 years old and came away with a bunch of medals after finishing in the top 5 juniors.

In November 2013 I competed in a Euro pop contest in Berlin and came second out of 22 countries with one of my own compositions.

In 2014 I appeared on BBC Radio Devon several times and performed as the featured artist on BBC Introducing  and has appeared on a BBC introducing stage in Plymouth.

My favourite charity is the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust and in March 2014 she organised a short tour around Plymouth Barbican and Waterfront to raise funds for a new sensory room at their Ivybridge site.

I have been performing locally in Devon for the last year at various venues around Devon including The Rock Fest in Yelverton, The Friday music nights in the Piazza Plymouth, The Seale Hayne Festival in support of Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, Crapfest In Crapstone, and The MTV stage on Plymouth Hoe.

In March 2014 I released my debut EP 'Subconscious Mind' on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

I recently come to the attention of several Producers and record companies in the USA and in August 2014, I traveled to Los Angeles to record with the famous Marc "M.Doc" Williams of Indasoul http://indasoulent.com/company.html. The two singles that I recorded 'Colours of my Edelweiss' and 'Devils heart' were released on the 28th November 2014. They include a full backing band so they are something quite different from my usual Guitar and vocal.

I have recently featured in various music magazines and local newspapers.

I regularly perform around the South-West, Bristol and London. During the next year I will be broadening my live performance area, so if you would like to hear me in your area let us know.

About Alice

Alice is available for weddings, corporate events, festivals, Pubs, Clubs and restaurants.

Click here to contactus.

She plays a mixture of her own compositions and covers from a wide range of artists. 

Look at the theMusicor Live Videopages for a small sample.

​​Alice Gullick

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